The Law Office of Timothy J. Fiscella Wins Acquittal for Client Charged With DUI and Drug Offenses

RELEASED: Sept. 23, 2013


The Law Office of Timothy J. Fiscella recently succeeded in winning the acquittal of a client charged with driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.

According to court documents (Case Number: TB 704-146), the defendant, TP, was stopped by law enforcement for allegedly driving on a curb. The officers who arrested TP claimed that he exhibited symptoms of intoxication, reporting that he had watery and bloodshot eyes; his breath smelled of alcohol; his behavior was uncooperative and his speech was confused. TP allegedly admitted consuming about six beers to the officers. Furthermore, the officers who made the arrest stated that TP took out cannabis and a smoking pipe from his glove compartment and handed the items to them.

During the trial, the Law Office of Timothy J. Fiscella questioned the arresting officers, challenging the evidence that had been presented against TP. Through this questioning process, the officers made statements that essentially weakened the state’s case. Subsequently, TP was acquitted of the three charges against him.

The law office issued the following statement: “We were happy with the result for TP and his family. A DUI conviction would have potentially had some serious consequences. The case had some difficult facts, but ultimately we’re glad we were able to obtain a favorable result.”

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