The Law Office of Timothy J. Fiscella Secures Case Dismissal after Evidentiary Hearing

RELEASED: June 18, 2013


Evidentiary hearings are crucial to a strong criminal defense. This was true in a recent case, People vs. VW, when the Law Office of Timothy J. Fiscella challenged the legality of the search conducted in the case, ultimately earning a dismissal on May 17, 2013 after the motion to suppress evidence found during a search was granted.

In the events leading up to the arrest, police were called to the defendant’s residence on a domestic disturbance call. Authorities then began to search the home without a warrant or permission from the occupants. The police found two guns, which they claimed were improperly registered in Chicago. The law firm filed a motion stating that the search, which led to the arrest, was unjustified. The judge agreed with the defense and suppressed the guns as evidence. Despite the case having been active for some months, the hearing lasted about an hour before the charges were dismissed.

There were multiple charges dismissed through the successful motion to suppress, including unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a firearm without a valid FOID card. The law firm has expressed its satisfaction with the resolution of the case: “We are certainly happy for the outcome. We take all criminal matters very seriously, especially those that involve unlawful searches of someone’s home.”

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The Law Office of Timothy J. Fiscella has significant experience working with the Fourth Amendment and search and seizure cases, particularly as it pertains to a client’s home or place of residence. The firm’s attorneys work tirelessly on behalf of criminal defense clients to gain the best possible outcome during the evidentiary hearing and every other stage of the defense process.

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