Retail Theft

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A conviction for retail theft can follow you for the rest of your life. If you have been arrested for retail theft or shoplifting, you need effective legal representation.

Criminal defense attorney Timothy J. Fiscella vigorously defends people accused of retail theft, identity theft and felony theft crimes. In a number of cases, he has helped his clients avoid conviction by obtaining supervision outcomes or dismissal of charges.

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What if You did Not Really Steal?

Some retail theft arrests are the result of a misunderstanding or overzealous security guards. If you really did not take the merchandise or had the intention of doing so, Timothy J. Fiscella can defend you at trial. He will review all relevant evidence, including store video footage and represent you at trial. In this situation, his goal will be to obtain a dismissal or not guilty verdict.

Avoiding a Conviction and Criminal Record

In many misdemeanor theft cases, it is possible to avoid a conviction and criminal record. In a typical supervision outcome in a retail theft case, if you successfully complete a theft school course and stay out of further trouble, the charge is dismissed after a period of time. You do not get a conviction on your record. It is even possible to get an expungement, which physically destroys the records of your arrest.

Mr. Fiscella understands the guidelines for supervision outcomes and has helped many clients obtain them. If you are eligible, he can seek a supervision outcome for you.

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