Criminal Appeals

Appealing A DUI Conviction in Illinois

The direct and indirect penalties for a DUI conviction in Illinois can be severe. It can result in a blemished criminal background, license revocation, and a variety of other collateral consequences. However, like all criminal matters, DUIs can be appealed to a higher court. On appeal, the matter is reviewed by a panel of judges who may look at several issues, including, whether the evidence at trial was sufficient to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, whether a motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence should have been granted, whether your sentence was unfair or excessive, etc.--Read More--

Appellate Process in Illinois

The criminal appellate process in Illinois can be long and complex. Perhaps the most significant step is the first, which requires a timely filed notice of appeal. The requirements for filing this document are strictly enforced and failure to do so can result in the forfeit of the right to a direct appeal of the criminal conviction or sentence.--Read More--

Federal Criminal Appeals

A criminal conviction can turn your life upside down. Prison sentences, fines and a criminal record prevent you from leading a normal life. If you were convicted of a crime in federal or state court, it may be possible to appeal your conviction to an Illinois federal court, get the sentence reduced or the conviction overturned, and get your life back on track.--Read More--

State Criminal Appeals

Pleading or being found guilty at trial is not the end of the judicial process. By filing an appeal, you can contest whether there was enough evidence to support a conviction. You can also challenge the admission of other evidence or the trial court's denial of a motion to suppress. Our justice system is not perfect, and the right to appeal an unjust verdict or sentence is fundamental.--Read More--

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