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A Disciplined and Determined Advocate

Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer

Chicago DUI Defense Attorney

When you face a serious criminal charge, you cannot afford anything less than strong and effective defense representation.

Timothy J. Fiscella, a dedicated criminal lawyer in Chicago, understands the seriousness of every case he handles. He is aggressive, diligent and determined to succeed for his clients. If you face a criminal charge, you can depend on the Law Office of Timothy J. Fiscella to do everything possible to succeed for you.

For a free consultation about your case, call Chicago criminal attorney Timothy J. Fiscella at 312-546-4885 or toll free 888-724-8553. You can also send Mr. Fiscella an e-mail.

Defending Your Rights and Freedom

Attorney Timothy J. Fiscella defends people accused of DUI, drug crimes, violent crimes, theft, and other misdemeanors and felonies. He is aggressive at trial, skilled in negotiation and works diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for every client.

When representing you, Mr. Fiscella will provide an honest and straight-forward assessment of your case. He will help you understand your options, and he will work tenaciously to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. If you have been convicted of a crime, Mr. Fiscella can help you appeal your case to the appropriate federal or state court.

An Aggressive and Determined Criminal Defense Attorney

Timothy J. Fiscella believes that everyone who is accused of a crime deserves a strong defense. He is aggressive in the defense of his clients and determined to obtain the best outcome possible in every case he handles. Mr. Fiscella has achieved a remarkable record of success in cases involving DUI, drug crimes and other criminal matters. When he represents a client, he is focused not just on the criminal charge itself, but also on the long-term effects that a conviction would have on his clients.

If a charge cannot be dismissed or overcome at trial, he will strongly argue for lenient sentences, such as court supervision whenever possible. Mr. Fiscella also works to expunge and seal records to keep his clients' backgrounds clean.

You face difficult times in the weeks and months ahead. The Law Office of Timothy J. Fiscella in Chicago, Illinois, will be your strong advocate — working with determination to succeed for you.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chicago

Get legal help today. Schedule a free consultation with Chicago criminal defense attorney Timothy J. Fiscella by calling 312-546-4885 or toll free 888-724-8553. You can also contact Mr. Fiscella online.

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